Private Wealth Management

Once your retirement income needs are met, we invest the remainder of your portfolio in a diversified growth portfolio based on your risk tolerance, current situation and number of years until retirement. When making investment decisions, we evaluate thousands of mutual funds, stocks and ETFs to identify an investment mix specifically designed to help you achieve your retirement objectives. We are independent, which means we are free to select industry leading investments to meet your needs.

Carazo Wealth Management’s investment program allows us to provide a customized portfolio to meet your specific investment goals. This includes an investment management program that takes an active approach to asset allocation. We have the ability to work with a portfolio manager who will make investment decisions on your behalf. We utilize a diversified portfolio with low investment costs and incorporate a diverse mix of investments with a high level of personalized service and focused attention.


The foundation of every client relationship is an in-depth financial planning conversation
where we define your goals and objectives. Our commitment to guide you towards a path that helps ensure financial stability and offers peace of mind throughout your financial journey.

These services include:

  • A thorough evaluation to assess the likelihood of your current financial situation aligning with your retirement lifestyle needs and legacy goals.
  • Utilizing your financial data to construct a clear roadmap for your financial future.


“Our approach is founded on a disciplined process that emphasizes careful asset class
selection and continuous investment due diligence. What we offer is:

  • Customized portfolios to match a client’s growth expectations, risk tolerance, and income needs.
  • Continuous evaluation of asset class composition through analysis and frequent discussions with selected investment managers.
  • Diversifying portfolios with multiple investment options that include alternative asset classes.
  • An income distribution model designed to assist in providing inflation-adjusted income over time.


Life insurance can play a valuable role alongside an investment portfolio. The unexpected passing of the family provider, along with reduced premium deposits, has the potential to elevate the internal rate of return from insurance proceeds. Additional benefits, include:

  • An additional layer of financial protection.
  • By offering liquidity, it prevents the sale of real estate or private businesses to cover Federal Estate Taxes.
  • Income replacement.

    We partner with legal advisors on all of the key aspects of estate planning to ensure
    efficient wealth transfer for our clients and their families. Critical estate planning tools


    • Wills
    • Powers of attorney
    • Healthcare directives
    • Trusts and foundations
    • Life insurance policies
    • Family Limited Partnerships
    • Charitable Trusts

    This in-depth approach ensures that every aspect of your estate planning is meticulously considered, providing you and your family with peace of mind and a well-structured financial future